My name is Janet Ferrari, owner of Free Donkey Sports, and this is our story…


A Hobbled Donkey

I was hired by a very large cornhole toss game company to develop their cutting/sewing division and manage the overall production of the company’s cornhole bags. As a master seamstress, with more than 20 years of production experience, I was able to successfully develop the department ensuring all cornhole bags received a high quality construction. I was very proud of this including the productivity and high quality standards that I achieved for the company.

However, I was still the lowly hobbled and hired Donkey and believed we could do better. My knowledge in art, sewing, creativity, materials high volume production and the patience to always make the best product was constrained like a donkey in a barnyard.

A Free Donkey

I began to wonder what would happen if I took my knowledge of high quality cornhole bag construction and paired it with my own industry connections to obtain high quality raw materials. Could I start a business only focused on providing the highest quality cornhole bags anyone could buy? My answer was "yes!"

My plot toward freedom was decided and in two short months I was free; a Free Donkey!

The Gates Are Open

Now my equipment is purchased, product has been manufactured and inventory made ready! The barnyard gates are open and this donkey is free! Free Donkey Sports is committed to producing the highest quality cornhole bags to the cornhole game market. We believe all cornhole game lovers should play without broken bags, too hard of bags, too soft of bags – or any undesirable bags! Of course they should play with Free Donkey quality cornhole bags!

Our commitment is unwavering and undeterred by the influences of money. We just want to deliver the best quality cornhole bag to the market, AND help to provide 3000 meals to orphans in 2012!

Down The Road

My mission is not only to sell cornhole bags but to build a brand recognized for high standards of quality that our customers will consistently trust. This is why I have and will continue to focus on quality, quality, quality.


I am proud to present to you Free Donkey Sports!